The Pete Fryer Band played its first gig in Florence Park Community Centre in 1966 with Pete on Vocals, Phil on Guitar and Robert Markham on Bass. At that time,  The Band went under the name Madonna Ronde – the name of print face chosen by Pete who was then an apprentice printer. We were then joined by Dick Fancutt on Keys and John Scott on Drums. The Band Changed it’s name to Darling and Terry Jennings became our new drummer in 1968. Many gigs followed  in the 70’s  when Nick Clack sat in on drums right up to Aug 2014.

The band became known for its outrageous stage shows including on stage striptease embellished with crazy foam.
In the 90`s Sue Smith, Phil`s partner, became the bassist – a fitting addition since the Band first met Sue when picking her up in the band van in 1968 as she was hitching a lift to a gig in Radley.
Dick left in 2006 to concentrate on his (Deep) ‘Purple Project’ and in Sept 2014 kit duties passed to Pete`s step-son James Irvine, Darren Hassan Davis and occasional guest drummers.
The band has has gone from strength to strength playing festivals, venues, weddings and thousands of pub gigs which all display the very special bond between the band and it’s many fans.